FETA ENTRIES Submission FOR 2019 now OPEN. Please note that due to the high amount of entries to process it may take one to two weeks for entrants to receive their receipt of entry via email. All entries are confidential. Only FETA secretariat and judges will view your submission.

    PART A

    Category 1 Fiji Pride ChampionCategory 2 Emerging Tourism LeaderCategory 3 Tourism LeaderCategory 4 Tour & Transport OperatorCategory 5 Visitor Attractions & ActivitiesCategory 6 Specialised Tourism Services & Support to IndustryCategory 7 Tourism SustainabilityCategory 8 Culinary ServicesCategory 9 Destination MarketingCategory 10 Accommodation BudgetCategory 11 Accommodation QualityCategory 12 Accommodation DeluxeCategory 13 Accommodation Luxury

    By entering the ANZ Fiji Excellence in Tourism Awards, you authorise the use &/or reproduction of images provided in relation to any editorial/advertising purposes initiated in conjunction with the Awards.

    Under no circumstances will judges be held responsible for any comment, viewpoint or expression, whether expressed or implied, concerning the standard or quality of nominees’ submissions.

    By entering your application, you agree not to bring a claim against any judge, trustee or member of the Organising Committee or related entity in relation to feedback on your submission.

    PART B
    Any additional information that you wish to submit including photo’s, video's etc, email to [email protected] or share it through DROPBOX. Your email must not exceed a maximum of 20 megabytes and entries over 20MB will be rejected.